Monday, 28 January 2008

247,000 to 1

That was the odds of getting Aces vs Aces playing in a heads up match. The hand went down like this:

mikegays posts SB .25
tolstksy1978 post bb .50
Dealt to mikegays Ac Ad
mikegays raises to $1.75
tolstksy1978 raise to $5.50
*he is very loose so i want to get my money in now hopefully getting called with any 2 suited cards*
mikegays raises to $35.75 and is all in
tolstksy1978 calls $30.25
*at this point i type "woohoo"*
tolstksy shows As Ah
mikegays show Ac Ad
*mikegays cant believe what is happening*
flop: Ks7c2c
*still cant believe my awful luck*
turn: 10c
*omg i have picked up a flush draw*
river 9s
*ahh! thought i had it*

anyway i just wanted to post that, the odds of flopping a royal flush btw are 19,599 to 1 so i essentially got the same odds of making that hand as 13 royal flushes loooool



Jon Irons said...

Should have laid it down, AKsuited is 100x better!

carboy98 said...

Not as good as A-J puppyfeet

Jon Irons said...

I wish there was a video tutorial of how to play AJ puppyfeet, I have no idea how to!

Gaz Billingham said...

Are you still in the badbeat program?

How are you finding it? i was in it myself at the same level and just found it a complete donk fest and far too much time to put in for a 25% return

Gaz Billingham said...

Also just linked you up aswell pal

Anonymous said...

flopping a royal flush 19.000 to 1?????

Which dimension do you live in moron..

Get ur facts straight before posting wrong information.

600.000 to 1


Gaystraight said...

Actually "moron" if you care to read super system you will find the odds of flopping a royal flush with, for example, AK suited are indeed what i have said, get your facts right please