Friday, 15 February 2008

What a Dickhead I Am V.2

Deja Vu is a Cunt when your losing,

Day 3

Same story as yesterday really nicely grinding up to $100 from $50 with .10/.20 then after going out and playing a live tourny (£40 buy in 7th place, got money in ahead on final table after i flop top 2, outdrawn by flush draw by chip leader) wouldve been alright cash but i was 2/3 places out of it.

come home play more 0.10/0.20 bout evens for 20 mins get bored "here comes .25/.50 heads up monster) i get up to $150 and think right time to leave then drunk guy sits down and greed rears its ugly head i start playing like a wanker a total wanker, i shoved with AQ on a j high flop and lost to a pair of 4's, a little later i have KQ sooted and a reasonable pot is built, on the river when this guy obbo missess his flush draw i shove and he calls me with A high (with missed draw) i call him a cunt and leave.

I got an email from badbeat earlier to say play within ur limits which i ignored like a real donk and look what happened.

My mentor Matt told me i gotta stick to it and i most certainly will, he has confidence in me and i rly dont want to let him down so ill wait till i have a $500 roll before playing HU .25.50 which would give me 10x max buy ins.

on a lighter note i went to Aston Uni to check it out and it looks awesome, im really looking forward to going there in September (this was 1st time i had been to the uni after accepting lol, whats that saying about not having all your eggs in 1 basket)

anyway Friday will be different, i will only be playing .10/.20 and only with $10 buy ins, i dont want large amounts of my roll in at any one time, what target should i set? not sure see how it goes if i get to $100 keep going just aslong as i dont have large amounts of my roll in at any one time (reitterating there lol to keep it in)

anyway i am only down $50, had i cashed out at highest points over last week id be near to $200 in profit, FFS thts nearly whole month's target. Friday is the start of the rest of the programe for me.

GL All


What a Dickhead I Am

Day 3

dickheadickheadickhead is all i can think about i was playing good poker tonight on 0.10/0.20 tables and turning every $10 into $30 with ease then for some reason i decided to play a bit of 0.25/0.50 heads up with a couple of $10 buy ins (at this point im sitting on like $80)

I get up to $120 ish quickly then this guy who i took for $30 very quickly after he called my Aces all in with 84 hahaha, rebought for $50 so i bought in the extra $10 to match him, he played sooo badly loose passive folded almost every button, whenever he did button raise i repopped over the top and he would fold, then i get distracted by MSN or something and the poker window pops up as im about to click something else and manage to call an all in by him ( into like a $2.50 pot) he has aces i have A4 with no help, what a shit was to lose money, that was $50 out of $110 gone.

I rebuy for another $50 (tilt and the fact this guy is awful) he takes $10 off me and i rebuy my last $10 (twat, why do i do this) about 15 hands in i have AQ and get $58 in preflop after he raises my button by $5! he has 910 suited and flops 2pair, perhaps its a silly all in move preflop but he had such a wide range of hands and i figured i was ahead 4/5 times, really i shouldve seen a flop and i wouldve done if i werent playing on tilt chasing lossess where i shouldve gone back to 0.10/0.20 and built up which i know i can do.

anyway im back to evens (maybe $1 up or something, woo)


GL all see you tomorrow

Huge Profits.......

Day 2:

to be honest i wasnt really feeling up for a heavy sesh which is probably why over the next couple of hours i made 0.50c in total loool, as usual i started off losing down to about $20 before my poker brain kicked in.

I did have a sick hand for a buy in early doors to be fair where my Q9 flops 810j rainbow, ( i was on button so put in feeler raise into the blinds got called by both lol) when the flop came down sb check bb puts in PSB i raise 3x ontop of his bet sb folds, BB shoves of course (im thinking worst case scenario is qk or possibly trips drawing to FH but im still miles ahead) and i take 0.00000000000000000000000001 of a second to call, he flips 10 j im thinking gdgd, only 4 cards to hit, 10 on the turn, "nah he cant hit that last card" of course he did and made quaddy wads much to my disgust, and a bad start to the day,

i ended up grinding for next hour or so back up to 40 then someone called my all in on an AK2 rainbow board with A7 (i had AK) it really interesting how badly people play at these limits so many times ppl shove with a sooted aces, your only going to get called if your losing!

anyway im currently $51 ish so not great improvement

GL all

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

And So It Begins!

Day 1:

$50 is lying there waiting for me as i begin my journy into becoming a badbeat trader and im off to an ominous start to say the least, i start by min buying into .10/.20 heads up and quickly bust 2 $4 buy ins. Unpeturbed i stick $10 in and about 6 hands in KK pops up in my hand, "happy days are here again" when he shoves for a potential double up for me he flips AJ and no fuss an Ace is the first card out, Bastard.

So nicely down to $32 in 5 mins, ut oh. Rethink is required i stick 2 x $10 into 6max and have Aces cracked by j10 when the flop is AKQ, there wasnt enough action on the flop for me to suspect he had nuts and when blanks came on turn and river i was fairly happy to call an all in.

My other $10 lasted somewhat longer but still fell by the wayside of a nasty beat when i flopped a straight with 108, (79J) but villan outdrew me on the river with a Queen to give his 10K all of my money.

at this point im sitting on roughly $9 dollars and hating myself for it, i wouldnt put it down to bad play necessarily but some beats and perhaps a Laissez-Faire attitude for playing with other peoples money.

Then came the comeback we all dream of sitting, moping, questioning my ability as i stare at my last nine bucks AQ suited comes along on the button and i get an UTG raise from a loose aggressive player (he raised it $1.40 into a $0.30 pot!?) anyway i raise him to $3 with the absolute intention of shoving if he plays back, which he duly obliges to do so, with A7 off, life is good again when i flop the queen. back up to $19

for the next few hours i just hardcore grind and didnt get all my chips at risk again all night, im back up to $50 and very pleased, now for the profit push playing 2 tables with $10 buy ins i quickly get up to $70 when kings topple queens and i suckout against someone when my twopair outdraws their trips for runner runner quads haha.

that was the 1st of 3 quads tonight lol

i decide to play abit of PLO with $4 and quickly get it up to $25 when i turn a Straight Flush with 3 all in callers, 4 hands later and i make an army of snowmen 8888 and ive broken the $100 mark from being down to $9 at my lowest point. So on the whole im very happy with my performance today and as the target is $250 profit in a month ive knocked off 20% of that already (albeit it can still be lost) i hope the trend continues tonight!

See you at the tables

"mikegays1"-Grandslam account