Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Crazy Heads up and Pre Trader Practice

Evenin all...

I decided to put in a few hours of practice tonight after winning a small live tourny yesterday and pocketing £100 which was nice.

Anyways tonight i stuck in $20 into grandslam poker and started some .25.50 heads up with pretty decent success getting up to about $80 fairly quick i feel im playing damn well at the moment and making some great calls and plays generally.

This was probably the best hand of the night and was a fairly big pot

Your cards Ah 9h
lorentzisakcas calls .25
mikegays raises to 2
lorentzisakcas calls 1.50
Dealing FlopQh 5h Kh
mikegays bets 2
lorentzisakcas goes All-in 18.23
mikegays calls 16.23
Dealing TurnQh 5h Kh 5c
Dealing RiverQh 5h Kh 5c Td
mikegays shows FlushAh 9h
lorentzisakcas shows FlushTh 8h
mikegays wins with Flush5h 9h Qh Kh Ah
mikegays wins 40.46

Any way im gonna play in an Irish open sattelitte to the super sat lol which would be very nice to get into and have a nice trip to Dublin as one of my mates has promised to pay my expenses if i qualify!

25 people 2 qualify but it is a R/A so it may go up if we get 5/6 rebuys

ill post back my hopefull success

****No Joy sadly on the Sattelitte as i had a drunkard to my left who had all in syndrome and ended up taking my chips with 22 on an a102 board ( i had a10) with no futher help

Ah well!



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Anonymous said...


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Hope the tables & life are treating you well, and I hope you’ll take a shot at winning this prize!


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