Friday, 15 February 2008

What a Dickhead I Am V.2

Deja Vu is a Cunt when your losing,

Day 3

Same story as yesterday really nicely grinding up to $100 from $50 with .10/.20 then after going out and playing a live tourny (£40 buy in 7th place, got money in ahead on final table after i flop top 2, outdrawn by flush draw by chip leader) wouldve been alright cash but i was 2/3 places out of it.

come home play more 0.10/0.20 bout evens for 20 mins get bored "here comes .25/.50 heads up monster) i get up to $150 and think right time to leave then drunk guy sits down and greed rears its ugly head i start playing like a wanker a total wanker, i shoved with AQ on a j high flop and lost to a pair of 4's, a little later i have KQ sooted and a reasonable pot is built, on the river when this guy obbo missess his flush draw i shove and he calls me with A high (with missed draw) i call him a cunt and leave.

I got an email from badbeat earlier to say play within ur limits which i ignored like a real donk and look what happened.

My mentor Matt told me i gotta stick to it and i most certainly will, he has confidence in me and i rly dont want to let him down so ill wait till i have a $500 roll before playing HU .25.50 which would give me 10x max buy ins.

on a lighter note i went to Aston Uni to check it out and it looks awesome, im really looking forward to going there in September (this was 1st time i had been to the uni after accepting lol, whats that saying about not having all your eggs in 1 basket)

anyway Friday will be different, i will only be playing .10/.20 and only with $10 buy ins, i dont want large amounts of my roll in at any one time, what target should i set? not sure see how it goes if i get to $100 keep going just aslong as i dont have large amounts of my roll in at any one time (reitterating there lol to keep it in)

anyway i am only down $50, had i cashed out at highest points over last week id be near to $200 in profit, FFS thts nearly whole month's target. Friday is the start of the rest of the programe for me.

GL All



Anonymous said...

how are u doing this week?

goose said...

No posts for a while, am i to take it that badbeat have dropped u for rule disobediance?

Anonymous said...

lol goose

goose said...

Er mate (i don't do this for everyone ;) my nickname on VC is DonkOffAllMyChips. I'll only play for $100 stacks tho bud, apologies. Hows the badbeat programme going, no posts for a fair while?

goose said...

playing now. usually play this time of day

Anonymous said...

I find this blog unreadable because of the terrible grammar. Eg. Your when it should be you're, reitterating when it should be reiterating, programe instead of programme, the list is endless.

Anonymous said...

Why are you tring to build a roll via cash games? Not smart. Learn the game on the sit n gos and MTTs and maybe even win a nice score then go to cash with a roll to sustain the highs and lows.

That said I recently took $25 cash (free to try one site from affiliate) and rolled it up to $1450 so far on cash. :-)

BUT I do have two good rolls behind me so this was more about fun and trying a bluescouse (way over your bankroll) approach to things.

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Anonymous said...

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