Friday, 15 February 2008

What a Dickhead I Am

Day 3

dickheadickheadickhead is all i can think about i was playing good poker tonight on 0.10/0.20 tables and turning every $10 into $30 with ease then for some reason i decided to play a bit of 0.25/0.50 heads up with a couple of $10 buy ins (at this point im sitting on like $80)

I get up to $120 ish quickly then this guy who i took for $30 very quickly after he called my Aces all in with 84 hahaha, rebought for $50 so i bought in the extra $10 to match him, he played sooo badly loose passive folded almost every button, whenever he did button raise i repopped over the top and he would fold, then i get distracted by MSN or something and the poker window pops up as im about to click something else and manage to call an all in by him ( into like a $2.50 pot) he has aces i have A4 with no help, what a shit was to lose money, that was $50 out of $110 gone.

I rebuy for another $50 (tilt and the fact this guy is awful) he takes $10 off me and i rebuy my last $10 (twat, why do i do this) about 15 hands in i have AQ and get $58 in preflop after he raises my button by $5! he has 910 suited and flops 2pair, perhaps its a silly all in move preflop but he had such a wide range of hands and i figured i was ahead 4/5 times, really i shouldve seen a flop and i wouldve done if i werent playing on tilt chasing lossess where i shouldve gone back to 0.10/0.20 and built up which i know i can do.

anyway im back to evens (maybe $1 up or something, woo)


GL all see you tomorrow

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