Friday, 15 February 2008

Huge Profits.......

Day 2:

to be honest i wasnt really feeling up for a heavy sesh which is probably why over the next couple of hours i made 0.50c in total loool, as usual i started off losing down to about $20 before my poker brain kicked in.

I did have a sick hand for a buy in early doors to be fair where my Q9 flops 810j rainbow, ( i was on button so put in feeler raise into the blinds got called by both lol) when the flop came down sb check bb puts in PSB i raise 3x ontop of his bet sb folds, BB shoves of course (im thinking worst case scenario is qk or possibly trips drawing to FH but im still miles ahead) and i take 0.00000000000000000000000001 of a second to call, he flips 10 j im thinking gdgd, only 4 cards to hit, 10 on the turn, "nah he cant hit that last card" of course he did and made quaddy wads much to my disgust, and a bad start to the day,

i ended up grinding for next hour or so back up to 40 then someone called my all in on an AK2 rainbow board with A7 (i had AK) it really interesting how badly people play at these limits so many times ppl shove with a sooted aces, your only going to get called if your losing!

anyway im currently $51 ish so not great improvement

GL all

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